Kurloo monitoring enables tracking of remediated slope in remote Victoria

Client: Veris Australia

Location: Mount Bogong, Victoria, Australia

Service: Slope stability monitoring


Mount Bogong is contained in the popular tourist region of the Alpine National Park in Victoria. In October 2022 a large active landslip was detected that affected the Bogong High Plains Road cutting a vital transport link between Melbourne and Falls Creek.

Evacuations of the local village and severe economic implications followed for the Victorian Alps region, affecting livelihoods that relied on tourism from Melbourne.

Victorian Department of Transport initiated a coordinated remediation effort in early 2023, to re-engineer the 130m x 130m x 100m high slope and to restore the road. As part of the road’s re-opening, there was a need for continuous monitoring to detect any further movement.

However, the traditional method of using total stations raised concerns about reliability in challenging weather, prompting the search for a more suitable solution.

“This technology proved to be a game-changer for us. It addressed any safety concerns and allowed us to obtain daily precise measurements in areas with restricted access. Kurloo is a cost-effective solution that dramatically enhances our monitoring capabilities.”

Nick Herath

Technical Director at Veris.

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