Kurloo – Automated displacement monitoring – for decisions with precision to better manage risk

Movements measured daily with mm precision

Analyse accurate data insights 24/7

Plug and play with
remote operation

Changing the way you manage risk

Kurloo is an end-to-end, automated surface displacement monitoring service like no other. It puts millimetre precise positioning at your fingertips to keep a watchful eye on displacement impacts on structures and surfaces.

Your eyes on the ground

Replace assumptions with insights

  • Measures displacement in X, Y & Z
  • Daily readings, point-specific accuracy within 3mm
  • Precise results for accurate engineering analysis
  • Better mitigate errors with more frequent readings

Integrated IoT intelligence

  • Multi-constellation GNSS
  • Integrated ground level sensor
  • Integrated environmental sensors
  • On-board accelerometer for disturbance detection

Seamlessly integrate

  • Endless integration possibility with Kurloo’s API
  • In-built Bureau of Meteorology rainfall data integration
  • Single point of truth for measurement & monitoring

More insight, less assumption

Make faster decisions to keep your asset, structure or environment safe.


Easy to install,
resilient remote operation

Compact, lightweight, wireless and remotely operated. Place it where it needs to go and Kurloo does the rest.

prevent major failures

Prevent major failures

Delivers frequent, consistent and precise data for more insights, fewer assumptions.


Save time,
save money

Respond faster and proactively. Reduce downtime and improve operational efficiencies. Redeploy anywhere, again and again.

improve safety

Improve safety

Ideal for difficult-to-access, risky or restricted environments. Reduce risk with less reliance on skilled labour.

Kurloo in the field

"Kurloo is providing the possibility of further empowering remote operation capability at the Port, with safer, more consistent and frequent measurements, delivering insights we can act on quicker than we could before with the confidence that the data is accurate. We’ve been surprised by how easy Kurloo is to install and operate with the Kurloo Nest platform."
Daniel Burley
Head of Infrastructure, Port of Brisbane

Invented and made in Australia by geospatial experts

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Make faster decisions to keep your asset, structure or environment safe.