Making Mining Safer, Smarter and Sustainable Using Data Solutions

Data helps to provide some of the valuable and transparent insights in mining and is often at the core of many decisions made on site. The importance of data is not lost on industry leaders, however finding new and holistic data driven solutions may be the next step to evolving in this digital age. Using data to make mining safer, more productive and more sustainable will be the key to improving the industry as a whole.

So how can data achieve all of this? 

One way data can be used to improve mining safety is through the use of interconnected sensors and monitoring systems. These technologies can be used to detect potential hazards and alert workers to potential dangers, helping to prevent accidents and injuries. For example, sensors can be placed in mines to monitor for gas leaks, and drones can be used to inspect mine sites for potential hazards. Kurloo sensors also help to monitor surface ground displacement, providing immediate alerts when changes do occur. 

Data can also be used to make mining operations more efficient and cost-effective. For example, data analytics can be used to optimise the mining process, reducing waste and increasing productivity. Machine learning algorithms can be used to predict when equipment will need maintenance, reducing downtime and improving efficiency. Evolving technologies are also allowing site managers to plan out routes of vehicles and heavy machinery to find the most optimal path for them to take, reducing emissions and costs. 

When looking to make mining more sustainable, the management of data needs to be considered. Data solutions can be used to track and monitor resource usage, helping to prevent over-extraction and ensure that resources are used in a sustainable manner. For example, geospatial data can be used to identify areas that are rich in resources, while satellite imagery can be used to monitor land use and mining activity. Data can also predict and map out electricity, oil and gas usage, allowing sites to better predict their expenditure and help lower costs.. 

Finally, when we speak about environmental management, it’s important to also consider social and community management – something which doesn’t typically prompt one to consider using data solutions for. However, by leveraging the power of data to monitor critical assets can provide fast insights into public discourse, allowing representatives to respond appropriately and quickly. This can help to re-establish the publics’ trust and improve the relationship between the community and the mine site. 

Using data solutions to actively improve the safety, efficiency and sustainability of a mine site is of the utmost importance for those looking to ascend into the digital age of mining and exploration. By using a series of interconnected and automated systems, technologies and software, managers will be able to cut down on costs, improve efficiency and make better informed decisions. 

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